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Karma needed for Karmic

Karmic Koala popped out of the oven recently, and I decided to do my first upgrade. My gut told me that it was not a great idea to jump on Karmic so early, but my itchy fingers got ahead of me. It was a Bad Idea™. I should have done a trial run with the […]

Jaunty Adventures – Part 4: Round Up

Trackpoint.Configuring the trackpoint sensitivity and speed settings was a piece of cake once you install configure-trackpoint but I am having this annoying problem with losing the trackpoint settings on resume (after a suspend/hibernate). Coming out of suspend/hibernate, the trackpoint will go back to its default extremely sluggish behaviour. And it’s not just me. I have […]

Jaunty Adventures – Part 3: Power Snooze

Hibernate. Suspend/sleep (suspend-to-ram) worked beautifully out of the box but hibernate (suspend-to-disk) wasn’t working. It would do an immediate resume once I put the system to hibernate from GNOME. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, until I initiated a pm-hibernate manually from terminal. Something about a swap file error came up and that was […]

Jaunty Adventures – Part 2: Smackaroo

Still no luck with getting the trackpoint settings to stick after a suspend. While researching a fix for the trackpoint, I got distracted trying to get APS to work. APS is sort of a harddisk shock protector available in recent models Thinkpads. This post worked great for me (kernel 2.6.28) to get the hdaps module […]

Jaunty Adventures – Part 1: What The Beep

I have been messing around with my old Thinkpad X60 (short story: Wii Tennis casualty, Ebay, LCD, DIY) to take the opportunity to see if I could switch to Ubuntu for my personal work. I kept the old XP partition (part nostalgia, part just-in-case) and carved out a new partition using GParted from the free […]