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Getting/Using Google Music (outside of the US)

Being the Google fan-girl, I wanted to sign up for a Google Music beta invite right after the Google IO 2011 keynote. Unfortunately, as is still the norm these days, the service is only available in the US of A and if you’re outside of the US, you cannot even get enrolled for an invite. […]

Froyo Sneaks

So thanks to some ingenious folks, I managed to install, what feels like a pre-release version, Froyo onto my Nexus One. The link to the upgrade image on the Google server is gone, but if you search hard enough, you will probably find a mirror somewhere. There are already too many blog posts, videos out […]

Dirty Guide to Geohacking

Thanks to a side project, I had the chance to dip my toes into Google Maps API and some general geo hackery. First up was a long dip in the Google Maps API developer documentation and API references. Mike William’s Google Maps API Tutorials were a god-send for getting up to speed on what’s possible […]

Chinese Input Support

Without switching to a Chinese locale (or having your menus and stuff switched to Chinese). These steps worked for me in Karmic. Go to System > Administration > Language Support > Install / Remove Languages Select Chinese (simplified) and check all the components available From Synaptic Package Manager, install scim and scim-pinyin Start Terminal and […]

Vi/Vim Goodness

My recent fail whale of an upgrade from Jaunty to Karmic made me realised that I have forgotten to note down a couple of stuff here. This girl geek cannot live without her vi/vim but the stock install of vim-tiny in Ubuntu is woefully inadequate for the CLI text-editing ninja. Please upgrade to vim (full) […]