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Backing up your Nokia Phone Contacts on Gmail

If you own a Nokia N-series or E-series phone, ¬†you can use your phone’s support for SyncML to do just that. All you need to do is to setup a sync profile with these simple steps and it’s good to go. You have to manually trigger the sync though, but that’s just fine by me […]

Kernel Cleaning

So after a couple of rounds of kernel updates on my Ubuntu install, a little housekeeping was in order. To remove the older kernel versions, uninstall linux-image-x.x.xx (just “removal”) from Synaptic Package Manager. Probably a good idea to keep the last version before the current one. If you’re multibooting, you may need to tweak Grub […]

Wave in Chrome

I got a Google Wave Sandbox account a little while back and started a small side project (which, as too many others did, fell wayside). Admittedly, it was rather confusing at the start and you really need to have a real-life network on the same platform for it to deliver on the value it promises. […]