Wiikity Hackity

On the very unfortunate demise of my Wii recently, I picked up a new one from the game shop as a replacement. Probably because of the weakening of the Korean won, the Korean Wii was (much) cheaper than the US Wii that my brother lugged home from the States when he was back for the holidays last year.

So now I’ve got a spanking new Wii, and my hackity fingers could not resist getting it to run Homebrew. Fun times. This guide worked very well for me. To the point and clear, and compatible with the latest 4.1U firmware.

Lots of whacky stuff on Homebrew. I am tempted to give Wii Linux just for kicks! 😀

I also picked up a copy of Wii Sports Resort at the shop when I got the new Wii. Wow, MotionPlus does wonders for the controller’s sensitivity, but oh my, the constant calibration! In Sports Resort, before every match (note match, not game), you need to point the Wiimote forward towards the screen and press “A” to calibrate. Rather annoying to say the least. Grrr.

Update: The old guide was taken down, but fret not! There’s a new one up for 4.1 here.