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Need for Speed vs Sleep

After I upgraded the xorg drivers using this guide, I realised that suspend/hibernate stopped working. Argh. I am running Ubuntu on a laptop and I am one of those chronic “hibernaters”. It’s not the bootup that I can’t wait for, it’s the having to re-launch all the programs that I don’t quite fancy. 🙂 So […]

Getting Up to Speed

I have been wondering why my Ubuntu install was somewhat slower than I expected. After some digging around, I figured it was due to a regression bug in Jaunty’s new Intel graphics drivers. I first tried reverting the Intel drivers and after the downgrade, graphics performance was really good and the whole desktop was very […]

Some thoughts on making the switch

A friend asked if he should give Ubuntu a spin as a desktop OS. I was a little hesitant because to be painfully honest, it was not the easiest thing in the world if you are starting from zero Linux experience. Because of work and personal interests, this is not my first dip into Linux […]

Jaunty Adventures – Part 4: Round Up

Trackpoint.Configuring the trackpoint sensitivity and speed settings was a piece of cake once you install configure-trackpoint but I am having this annoying problem with losing the trackpoint settings on resume (after a suspend/hibernate). Coming out of suspend/hibernate, the trackpoint will go back to its default extremely sluggish behaviour. And it’s not just me. I have […]

Jaunty Adventures – Part 3: Power Snooze

Hibernate. Suspend/sleep (suspend-to-ram) worked beautifully out of the box but hibernate (suspend-to-disk) wasn’t working. It would do an immediate resume once I put the system to hibernate from GNOME. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, until I initiated a pm-hibernate manually from terminal. Something about a swap file error came up and that was […]