Settling In

I arrived in Thimphu exactly a week ago to some really good Autumn weather, clear blue skies and lots of sun. It does get much cooler once the sun sets but thankfully winter is still a few weeks more to go.

Autumn in Thimphu

I’ve been busy getting settled in the last week; meeting lots of great people, getting oriented and finally moving in to the apartment on Saturday. Thanks to a recommendation from a Singaporean working here, I managed to secure a really nice apartment that is near the office and not far from the main town area.

Winter hours have kicked in here in Thimphu, and we work from 9am to 4pm (it was 5pm). A colleague is kind enough to give me a ride to and from work so I get home pretty quick. Life has taken a rather domestic turn since moving into the apartment. I spent yesterday evening making my dinner, doing the dishes, and giving the kitchen a good clean over. After doing a little laundry, I spent some time with my faithful companion “Jackie”, my little red Nintendo DS Lite, before falling asleep at 10pm.

Living Room Bedroom Kitchen First Cooked Meal at Home

More apartment photos here.

Yes, I’m turning into a “housewife”. Except that I work. And I’m not married.

Yup, life here is very different from Singapore. More to come in future posts.