A New Spring Has Arrived

Spring is upon us here in Bhutan. I’m enjoying the warmer weather, despite the slight chill spell that has returned in the past week. The blossoms are out in full bloom throughout the town, a beautiful sight for one born and raised in the tropics. The blossoms also remind me that fresh fruit like apples and mangoes will return soon in a couple more months. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into a freshly plucked apple…

A New Spring Has Arrived

Monday marks Bhutan’s final steps in her march towards a modern democracy. It’s D-day tomorrow as Bhutanese all over the country head to the polls and cast their vote for the party that will form the new democratic government. Thimphu is unusually quiet over the weekend, as many leave the country’s capital to return to the villages across the country to cast their votes. Many shops and restaurant are closed and it wasn’t easy to find lunch in town today.

I wasn’t in Thimphu to witness the local National Council elections in January, so I’m absolutely thrilled about the opportunity to witness the birth of the world’s latest democracy tomorrow. Photo opportunities are a little tricky, so I’m keeping my fingers-crossed.

History will be made tomorrow, my friends, are you excited?

Good Weekend

The past weekend was a mix of serious business and fun stuff.

On the serious side, I spent Saturday afternoon at VAST where we discussed at length about VAST’s future steps. Concrete details are a little sketchy at the moment, but suffice to say that there are some big plans and prospective projects for the year. I am particularly interested in a potential microcredit-like project. I also found myself appointed as “Advisor” (along with Yannick) to the newly-formed VAST Committee. Gulp, how would I contribute?

Awesome Spread

On a lighter note, much of Sunday was spent at Yannick’s place for a very extended lunch with a lovely bunch (with Verdell, Kuenga, Tashi, Passang, Phuntsho). Yannick introduced us to the Raclette, a table-top grill that melts cheese in small pans. You then scrape the cheese onto your choice of food item, like bread or boiled potatoes. Yannick outdid herself in the kitchen again. It was all very very yummy, and I ate too much as usual.

Back in Bhutan

I arrived in Paro Sunday afternoon after a brief layover in Bangkok to catch the 6.50am DrukAir flight. The last few days before flying back to Bhutan was spent on hectic shopping for stuff. Thanks to the best friend’s amazing packing skills (I was truly impressed, my packing skills are limited to backpacks only apparently), I was able to fit almost everything into the smaller suitcase because the original one got wrecked en route to Bhutan.

It was a little harder than I expected to come back to Bhutan. *sniffle* I expect that this will pass after a while… although listening to sappy Chinese songs from home is not helping. 🙂 I am looking forward to getting out of Thimphu in the coming long weekend off (this Thursday and Friday are public holidays here in celebration of the Fifth King’s birthday), it will definitely take my mind off home.

Little has changed since I left. My apartment is still as frosty as ever. We are still pretty much in the middle of winter, with hail greeting me on my first morning back at work. Oh Spring, where art thou?