It Ain’t Summer

Summer Flip-Flops

… until the flip-flops come out to play. I’m even thinking about making ice-cream just because it’s summer and there’s nothing like digging into a bowl of ice-cream on a hot afternoon. Hmm…

Even with a little over 4 months left for me here in Bhutan, this is my fourth season here since arriving at the tail-end of Autumn last year. To sum up the four seasons:

Autumn – Pretty blue skies!
Winter – Snow!
Spring – … When?
Summer – Re-introduced toes to sun. And rain.

Dear Readers

Yes, You. All 3 of you.

It’s been 229 days / 7 months 16 days / 5496 hours / 329,760 minutes / 19,785,600 seconds since I arrived in Paro. I thought I would be writing a grand piece summing up all my wonderful experiences to celebrate my 6-month anniversary here but instead, that flew by and flew well under the radar since The Parents were here.

So here I am, a month and a half late, sitting in front my laptop, thinking. And wondering.

But mostly waiting for inspiration to hit.

Uhm nope, not happening.

I guess I will do my grand piece thing in a couple more months.

Card-carrying Member of Procrastinators Anonymous

PS: My apologies for the recent lack of content. I did upload lots of new photos though.

Au Revoir

After a whirlwind tour of Bhutan, the Parents have left and the house is strangely silent. Big big thanks goes out to the Kuenga, her family, and Tashi for all the help they have given to ensure that my folks enjoyed their time here in Bhutan. My thanks also to all the wonderful friends who wined and dined us so generously. My parents were most happy to have met you all.

I just finished with tagging and captioning the photos so that the Parents can remember the names of places we’ve been to. The painful process of uploading to Flickr have started but at the rate I’m going, it might be faster if I burn them all on a CD and send them home via good old post mail. 😉

Au Revoir Papa, Mummy. I’ll see you home in a bit.