It was a whirlwind week leading to my departure. So much packing to be done, so many people to meet and so many thoughts to gather. There are too many to list to whom I owe the gratitude and honour of knowing, but to each and everyone of you… Thank You. You have made my time in Bhutan so very unforgettable.

As I stood and watched the fireworks display the evening before I left, a thought arose. This was my farewell gift from the Land of the Thunder Dragon. A feeling of calm came over me, knowing that my work here is done and it is indeed time to go. Another chapter beckons from beyond the mountains.

Farewell to thee! but not farewell
To all my fondest thoughts of thee:
Within my heart they still shall dwell;
And they shall cheer and comfort me.
O, beautiful, and full of grace!
If thou hadst never met mine eye,
I had not dreamed a living face
Could fancied charms so far outvie.

– Anne Bronte, Farewell


One thought on “Footnote”

  1. Hey Boss, I could not help shedding tears as I went through this post. I hate farewells…its so weird that I am commenting today…but what to do…we all miss you a lot…esp me 🙁 You have come into our lives…out of blue…but you have left ‘foot prints’ that are hard to erase. I just want to say that our friendship is forever.
    I also want to thank you for giving me confidence and making me realize what I am missing the most in my work. Before you came…I was just gaming or bunking office just to kill my time…but after your enlightening talks about work, fun, hobby and life…I have changed. Now, I hardly play games…as I hate it when I lose 😉 Thank you very much for the almonds and the ice creams. Most of all, thank you for the knowledge that you have shared with us. You are a brilliant lady. I admire you a lot. And I know that most of the people in VAST also admire you for your capabilities.
    Liping…we love you and we miss you a lot. Wherever you are, wherever you go…do remember that our Bhutanese arms are open for you all the time. We love you.
    Till we meet again,

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