Good Weekend

The past weekend was a mix of serious business and fun stuff.

On the serious side, I spent Saturday afternoon at VAST where we discussed at length about VAST’s future steps. Concrete details are a little sketchy at the moment, but suffice to say that there are some big plans and prospective projects for the year. I am particularly interested in a potential microcredit-like project. I also found myself appointed as “Advisor” (along with Yannick) to the newly-formed VAST Committee. Gulp, how would I contribute?

Awesome Spread

On a lighter note, much of Sunday was spent at Yannick’s place for a very extended lunch with a lovely bunch (with Verdell, Kuenga, Tashi, Passang, Phuntsho). Yannick introduced us to the Raclette, a table-top grill that melts cheese in small pans. You then scrape the cheese onto your choice of food item, like bread or boiled potatoes. Yannick outdid herself in the kitchen again. It was all very very yummy, and I ate too much as usual.