Back in Bhutan

I arrived in Paro Sunday afternoon after a brief layover in Bangkok to catch the 6.50am DrukAir flight. The last few days before flying back to Bhutan was spent on hectic shopping for stuff. Thanks to the best friend’s amazing packing skills (I was truly impressed, my packing skills are limited to backpacks only apparently), I was able to fit almost everything into the smaller suitcase because the original one got wrecked en route to Bhutan.

It was a little harder than I expected to come back to Bhutan. *sniffle* I expect that this will pass after a while… although listening to sappy Chinese songs from home is not helping. 🙂 I am looking forward to getting out of Thimphu in the coming long weekend off (this Thursday and Friday are public holidays here in celebration of the Fifth King’s birthday), it will definitely take my mind off home.

Little has changed since I left. My apartment is still as frosty as ever. We are still pretty much in the middle of winter, with hail greeting me on my first morning back at work. Oh Spring, where art thou?