Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008

I am nursing a major winter flu (so much for the effectiveness of the flu jab I got), so pardon the short recap from yours truly who is quite drugged on flu meds.


I sent off 2007 with a VAST rock climbing outing. I’m embarrassed to say that being the ultimate Singaporean urbanite, the first image that sprung to mind on hearing about it was that of artificial rock-climbing walls with the mounted hand and feet grips. It was not until I heard someone talking about the location of the rock-climb “Oh, the rock just behind Rinchen school…” that I realised that when they said rock, they meant *rock*, not some fake wall. Duh. Still holding on to hope despite my paralysing fear of heights, I said sure, I will give it a try.

Yeah, sure. When I finally laid eyes on the rock face that we were to be scaling, it was not one of my proudest moment – I chickened out. Getting up to the base of the rock face was a bit of a struggle and there was no way I’m going to haul my butt up that *thing*. I settled for taking snapshots and shouting out words of encouragement to the rest of the crew. So what if I was put to shame by a 12 year old, at least my two feet were safely planted on solid ground.

Happy 2008

I kicked off 2008 with a nice New Year’s Eve dinner cooked by Gelay for everyone at VAST. I was originally supposed to join some folks for a new year party at some pub but a nice cosy VAST dinner sounded infinitely better than being stuck in a packed bar and infusing my lungs, hair, and clothes with second hand smoke (Bhutan’s ban on smoking is definitely not working).

Food Food Food

So that’s what we did. Kuenga and I went to pick up a chocolate cake from Seasons for dessert, before heading back to VAST for a really delicious dinner (thanks Gelay!). Some folks had a little too much to drink, but I am not telling who. ๐Ÿ™‚

Drinking in the Sun

It was a bummer having to work on 1st January, but 2nd January was Winter Solstice and a public holiday (Nelo) here in Bhutan. I was invited by Asha Karma and family to their new home in upper Motithang for lunch. Their new home was lovely and again the food was the excellent. Basking in the afternoon sun during winter is always fun; with good food, wine and great company, all the better!

Nelo Lunch Spread

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6 thoughts on “Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008”

  1. Yes, I really admire the Bhutanese who are so good at ‘rock climbing’… hahaha… in fact, the ladies could easily ascent the hills with heels! Can still remember clearly how I made it to the lakhang at the top of the hill! Strong hands that ‘pulled’ me up… and strong arms that helped me down… safely… After that, once’s enough…

  2. OMG!
    so much food:D
    i want i want(;
    today i went to toa payoh lor 1 to eat hokkien mee:D:D:D
    super niceee.
    and i drank raspberry vodka(8% only ah!) ;]
    and as usual, my face turned into a red tomato -_-”
    lousy um. blood vessels(who ask them to dilate so much and make my face like some red butt baboon-..-) ?
    see you soon รขโ„ขยฅ

  3. Gelay: Thanks. Checked out your gallery before, you’ve got some really nice pics too.

    Kwai Yin: I had help going up and down too. So malu. Wished that I had mountain goat feet.

    Lijin: Hello, you’re too young to be drinking! I’m going to tell Mummy when I get home…

  4. my friends and i shared one puny bottle only!
    and i drank like a tiny bit only:|
    when we had steamboat dinner celebration for mom and gorgor’s birthday i also drank abit, and mom was there! ๐Ÿ˜€
    that one was like 14%, higher than the raspberry vodka.

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