Democracy (source:

I voted for the second time in my life today. As I left my house, I saw many like me, clutching little else but their pink ID and polling card, making their way to the polling station a few minutes walk away.

It was a moment to savour. For today, it didn’t matter who you are, what you do, we all have the same right to vote, to make a choice, to decide as a people who we want in government for the next five years.

This may be a watershed year for our little island. Passions were heated, but justifiably so. I hope we may never lose that passion; the passion for the vote, the passion for our country’s future. An engaged people will ensure that our future is secure in the hands of those who are deserving.

The opportunity to vote is both your right and perhaps more importantly, your responsibility. Let your voice be heard, let your vote be counted. Don’t ever give it up.