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Tashi, Kuenga, Passang and myself spent a leisurely morning walk at Chokortse last Sunday. Taking generously long rest stops for tea and chatting, on our way uphill, it wasn’t as hard a climb as I thought it would be. And for once, I didn’t end up on my butt coming down, a minor miracle on its own considering my extreme lack of balance. Phajoding, here I come!

This Is Why

Courtyard Steps Twin Bell and Dorji Bell

After a quick descend downhill, we headed over to Yangche’s place for a really nice lunch. I had prawns! It’s been a while… Very yummy and totally hit the spot. Much as I love the seasonal vegetables here in Bhutan, I’ve learnt that you can take the girl away from the sea (by hauling her 2,300 metres above sea level), but you can’t take the seafood cravings away from the girl…

After lunch, it was another attempt at shooting the VAST guys on their bikes. Was a little distracted and the panning shots didn’t turn out so well this time. Kuenga was a lot more successful with the video cam, and got some nice footage. Photos from both our rides out with the guys are here.

The Biker Dude

This post is dedicated to the friend who called me out for being lazy and not updating more, and is the generous sponsor of the 20 bars of dark chocolate that will arrive with my parents next week.

Once a magnificent citadel, Drugyel Dzong now sits silently, as visitors explore its once well-guarded grounds. After sending Passang off at the Paro airport, Tashi, Phuntsho, and Kuenga took me to the Drugyel Dzong for some morning sightseeing. Phuntsho turned out to be an excellent guide, patiently pointing out the fortifications on the fortress grounds. Despite being abandoned after a massive fire in 1951, the Drugyel Dzong remains an impressive sight. It was not difficult to imagine its former grandeur, when its walls held back the invasion from warring Tibetans.

Stalwart (by lastmodified)

Silent Citadel When Two Become One Rooted Skywards Scale Companions

Small set of photos can be found here.

Loud and clear. And a new democracy is born.

I Voted

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