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I didn’t think it was going to happen, but I’m back in Bhutan. Thanks in a big part to some serious running around by Kuenga. A friend is tagging along this time (she arrives tomorrow morning) and it will be fun to see how this tropical girl is going to cope with the Bhutanese winter.

Short stint this time (2 weeks) for some official work. It’s going to be hectic on both the work and social fronts, so there probably won’t be much time for the blog. Till next time.

All’s Quiet

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front for the last month or so, mainly because I’ve been pouring most of my waking hours on a system that is scheduled to see the light of day next month. It’s sort of a “showcase/teaching” piece, which is why I’ve been cramming tons of technology bits into what is, frankly, a really simple system. It’s simplicity is intentional, and deceptively so.

I had lots of fun working with .Net, AJAX, JQuery, Subversion, Trac, etc. Loads and loads of frustrating fun… all for the sake of saying, “This is so cool.”

The first build is just out the door for testing and I’m already scheming of a way to incorporate another cool bit of tech. This is so cool.

PhdComics #531

No, I wasn’t born shooting perfect code from my finger tips. It does get a little better after Year Seven though…

PhDComics #673


My new favourite online comic. Because

PhDComics #25

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