Update 2009.05.06: The latest progress report from VAST.

Update 2009.03.30: With word from a friend that another $600 or so will reach us soon, I deem it safe enough to announce that we’ve reached our target. Big thanks to all our friends and family who have come forward and donated so very generously.  An update will follow soon on the final tally and other news. Thank you once again!

During my time in Bhutan, I was a member of Volunteer Artists Studio of Thimphu (VAST), a local non-profit organisation that aims to promote the arts to Bhutanese youths. Established in 1998, VAST is the torchbearer of contemporary art in Bhutan and is well-known locally for their many community programmes.

As part of their efforts to encourage social responsibility, VAST is raising funds for their Build-a-House community programme. VAST hopes to raise sufficient funds to build a safe shelter for an impoverished family of 6 living in Punakha, in western Bhutan. Details of the programme and Ap. Khen and his family can be found at

We hope to raise S$2,125 for the family by April 3, 2009. All contributions, regardless of amount, will be accepted with our gratitude.

For those of you in Singapore, I accept donations in cash or via internet banking fund transfers. Please contact me for bank account details so that I can better track your donations. For transparency, all donations received will be recorded and viewable online at: The money collected will be pooled and transferred to VAST in a single transaction to save bank processing fees.

If you live outside of Singapore, or choose to donate directly to VAST, please check here for bank account details or how you can donate online. You may also contact VAST directly if you have any queries or want to help in other ways.

More Information:

On behalf of VAST and the family that we are helping, Thank You.

– Li-Ping


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    Thanks for the mention.

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    Great Lili !!!
    Come back pleaaaase… We need you at VAST !!!
    PS : Like your title and design. By the way, where are you with B/W photography

  3. kuenga’s avatar

    hye madam,
    thanks for all the effort..missing u

  4. asha’s avatar

    Hi Liping
    thanks a lot
    with all kinds of help pouring in
    it looks like this family will have a decent home finally!!!

  5. ping’s avatar

    Hi everyone, glad to be of help. 🙂

  6. sooleng’s avatar

    Hi I will support you

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    Wish u luck with ur fund raising.

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    thanks to you, cindy and friends in Singapore for such a generosity. With help from all generous friends around the world, we have collected little more than what is required for one house therefore we have decided to build a shit-able toilet too near by the house!!! the surplus fund will diverted towards building another house which we already identified.

    On behalf of ap khen’s family and on my own behalf, i once again thank you all the sponsors and friends

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