As I am prone to do, my mind wonders as a form of distraction whenever things get busy. New project ideas fight for brain real estate with the stuff I really ought to be focusing on.

One of those “distractions” is a photography project I’m naming “Hidden Portraits” for now. A series of portraits of people who are ‘hidden’ from our daily lives here in Thimphu. They exist in the fringes; you find them working on the highways, on construction sites, raising their families in the squatter settlements. They will not be your typical Bhutanese portraits. Heck, I suspect many of them will not even be of Bhutanese. I don’t know how difficult it would be to collect these portraits, especially when it comes to communication. I’m not even good at taking portraits, but I think it will be an amazing learning experience.

So, anyone out there care to join me?

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  1. kuenga’s avatar

    You can count me in..i better make use of yannick camera while i can.. 🙂

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