First Photowalk in Thimphu

In addition to working on the photo mosaic, Kuenga and I somehow found time to join the Photography Club outing this past Sunday afternoon. Ian (the head honcho) suggested that we take the themes that members have listed for the photo exhibition next year (I haven’t picked a theme yet) and use them for the photo club outings. I thought it was a brilliant idea; we didn’t have to knock our heads for themes to shoot and at the same time, our individual interpretations of the theme can provide inspiration/ideas for the one who chose the theme. We met at 3pm and after a short discussion, we were left to wander and shoot on the theme chosen for the day “Architecture”.

The Roofs Over Our Heads

The Strongest Locks are Our Own Time and Dust Shadows This Way To Heaven The Blues

I enjoyed the opportunity to photowalk again. Even for just an hour or so. I should do this more often, may be during the long weekend coming up (next Monday is the Bhutan National Day, a public holiday). After a few hectic nights of working on the photomosaic, it was a lovely break to just walk and shoot, even if it got chilly after a while (reminder to self: wear warmer clothes).

Ian bought us coffee and cookies at Art Cafe after the walk (Thanks Ian!). The club will meet again on the 19th where we’ll have to share 3 of our photos and hopefully have a good discussion on our work.