Three Mad Women

The weekend went by in a flurry. I offered to help Kuenga and Yannick (a wonderful Belgium who has been here in Bhutan for 7 years) with their photo mosaic project for the upcoming VAST exhibition on the December 17. I became more involved than I originally expected but I had a wonderful time with the ladies. Much laughter and food always makes for a roaring good time.

The Final Piece!

Yannick was the main photographer for the thousands of Bhutanese portraits that make up the mosaic. Kuenga was responsible for the generation of the mosaic design, and I was simply the provider of manual labour, to cut and glue the 3cm by 2cm photos.


Despite the late nights, the final mosaic looked really good. So if anyone is in Thimphu on December 17 (Monday), please drop by the VAST studio for the exhibition. If you see three beaming faces next to the photo mosaic, that would be us!